10th August 2016

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So, now we have finished the rally and no longer driving 12 hours a day we can start to focus on the fundraising for the charities we are supporting. This is where you can sponsor us to do something funny for money in Siberia.

Our first challenge was by Steve Milner & Andrew Wightman who wanted me to wrestle a Mongolian in traditional Mongolian wrestling gear. First problem was that we are now in Siberia so not many Mongolians wandering around to pick a fight with. Second problem is that it’s very difficult to find traditional Mongolian wrestling gear in Russia. It was therefore agreed that if no Mongolian wrestling gear is available, I would have to fight in my underpants instead.

So, some interesting interactions with random strangers who speak no English ensued. With me trying to ask them if I can wrestle them in my underpants. It’s not that easy to act out in charades either…

The next challenge set by Matthew Kirk was to swop the doors of the Micras over but unfortunately Ashley Scott has already disposed of his car so cannot do that one. Luke wanted his name keyed into the door on the silver Micra so will be on with doing that later today, on the blue Micra instead.

Toni Smith sponsored us to do 30 press ups everyday which which we are currently carb loading for, but hope to attempt later today in traditional Mongolian dress.

There is still time to sponsor William Benjamin Shaw to shave his head, or James to eat some testicles. Or, even better come up with something more amusing yourself and we will have ago at and video it too.

Even if you don’t want us to do anything funny you can still sponsor us here too – https://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/mongolists

100% of all the money we raise goes to two great charities. Aim Education working with kids in the UK and Cool Earth protecting rainforests.