10th July 2016

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So, less than a week to go till the rally to Mongolia and probably, rather stupidly, back again. Unfortunately despite the gorgeously designed racing lines of the Nissan Micra, the cars are looking rather boring. Therefore we desperately need your photographs to put on them to make them look a bit less crap.

These can be photos of you, the mother-in -law, the dog, embarrassing photos of friends, sheep in stockings, company logos, totally up to you. If you could just attach them to this post now, that would be great. The more the better. We will then print them off and cover the cars in them. If they are a little too embarrassing to put on here or you want to send them in secret then just email them to david@smart-aid.co.uk

On the rally, wherever we stop to camp we always get loads of locals come to chat to us and laugh at our beautiful racing machines. It’s great to talk them through some of the photos on the cars. So photos of England, Yorkshire puddings, The Queen etc. will all go down really well with Mongolians who have never seen a TV in their lives. So anything to explain where we have come from is great too.

Haven’t got a suitable photo? Then just go copy and paste the most embarrassing one you can find from your friends Facebook page now. Or failing that, have a trawl through my drivers Facebook page, James Waggottas there have to be some dodgy ones there.

You will then see your photos on our fantastic rally vehicles, on location in the Gobi desert at our mobile ‘International Rally Bar’
We have less than a week of preparation left so we really do need them asap!

Also we are after some school supplies we can deliver to some of the remote schools we will be visiting. So if you know anywhere /anyone we can get some paper, pens etc. donated from that would be great.

Thanks for your help!