14th July 2016

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Having done a few rallies with James Waggott it works really well that we each have our specific responsibilities and specialisms between us clearly defined. Probably the most important role is the car, as if we breakdown on a mud track in Mongolia on our own, 100’s of miles from anywhere the consequences could actually be quite crap.

James is responsible for the car and after he has spent months working on it I have felt a little guilty, so decided to spend a few hours helping him. With my mechanical prowess, I was entrusted with slapping varnish on the ‘International Rally Bar’ basically a hinged plank of wood screwed to the bonnet of the car. A plank of wood, that if it comes unattached at 70 mph has a rather concerning potential to guillotine the drivers.

One of my responsibilities is to get loads of photos for the car, which as you can see in the photo is coming along well. Therefore if you simply ‘like’ this post we will use your Facebook photo and print it off and paste it on to the car. So don’t ‘like’ the post if you don’t want your photo on the car.

Although it would be much more interesting if you could find an embarrassing one of a friend and add it to this post instead. Or any photos that we can use to explain what England is like to a Mongolian who has never seen a TV in his life. As I have precisely zero photos at the moment, definitely the more the better.

We will be visiting some remote schools in Mongolia so thought it would be fun to get some letters from kids in the UK to kids in Mongolia. If you have any little people who would like to write a letter and then run it through Google translate into Mongolian and we will then put it on the car.

Whilst obviously outside of my sphere of knowledge I asked James if he had serviced the car or put oil in it. Apparently though oil is just a ‘wear’ issue rather than a ‘breakdown’ issue so we don’t need to bother. This is why it’s so important that we both have our own specialist subjects as I wasn’t aware of this. And instead of an unnecessary service apparently it’s far more important to erect a seat on the roof of the car for when we are driving in remote areas in Siberia.

We are off on Saturday morning so really need photos, letters etc. asap. Really appreciate your help.