14th November 2015

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So, tomorrow is fight night – going three rounds in a boxing ring with Ashley ‘The Mauler’ Martin – a fighter 21 years younger than me in front of over 1,000 people baying for blood at Eland Road.

Three months ago I had never even watched a boxing match on telly let alone been to one.

Literally blood, sweat and tears have been copiously poured in to this. If I am honest, a lot more of my blood than i would have liked, definitely more sweat than i was expecting and the tears, well, you just try getting punched in the face! Weird how getting punched has become a daily norm for me, something that I had somehow managed to avoid for the last 47 years.

This has already been the most painful challenge I have ever tried and that’s before the actual fight! I have met some really interesting people along the journey, all united in raising as much money as possible for cancer research.

This is something that has touched so many lives and is a huge part of the motivation for doing this. Therefore it would be great if you were able to sponsor me here – https://www.justgiving.com/David-Price-boxing
The fighters for the evening are looking to raise £10,000 between all of us and would be great if you are able to help achieve this.

It’s funny that I am actually now friends on Facebook with my opponent – we both seem to share a similar goal of ending the fight smiling. Obviously after trying to repeatedly punch each other in the face as hard as possible first…

Thanks for your support and ongoing piss taking – what could possibly go wrong?