15th November 2015

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So today is the day and I have been contemplating what success looks like for me in respect of tonight’s fight…

Whilst the obvious answer is winning, if I look back at why I started this, one of the factors was to get fit, as I cannot be arsed to go to the gym. An interesting comment from James Walker my trainer at the beginning of this journey, when I tried to sneak out of a couple of press ups – ‘This isn’t about changing the dial on a set of scales, if you don’t get fit you will get your head kicked in’ Certainly gave a bit more focus to training!

Another key driver for me is do worthwhile things with interesting people. Raising money for Cancer Research certainly ticks the worthwhile box and there is still time if you want to help me on this, to sponsor me here https://www.justgiving.com/David-Price-boxing

It’ definitely been a very interesting group of people to train with. And despite getting battered by a couple of them all of them have been amazing. The real stars of the show have been Richard Smith & Lisa Houghton-Smith for all their time, effort and passion poured into making this happen and, pushing people like me to do more than they ever thought they were capable of.

My view at the start of the journey was that I would just be a punch bag tonight, but by getting James as my personal trainer my chances went up. Also actually training up to 6 days a week feels as though I have thrown everything I really can into tonight

However confident I maybe though, I am acutely aware that after attacking me with a parry of jabs and left crosses to the head, followed by a right body shot, Ashley ‘The Mauler’ Martin might just catch me with a left hook the very second I slightly open my jaw to try and breath …and break my jaw. That’s boxing!

Therefore, in my world, this boxing adventure has already been successful and this evening is just the icing on the cake and an evening that, injury allowing, I will remember forever. It’s not about if I win or lose its been about throwing myself into the journey. Would be really nice to still be smiling at the end of the last round though!