16th April 2016

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So, everyone has been asking how the swim training is going. Swim training is actually quite a grandiose title compared to the reality. It’s more like trying not to drown, arms flailing, attempting to learn front crawl. Still have not manged to do more than 50 metres nonstop without the aid of scuba gear.

Therefore, it’s quite a stroke of luck that I have a shoulder injury! All proper athletes have a niggling injury and luckily me too! Had it a few years and only ever an issue if I move my shoulder in a certain way like ‘that.’ I did take professional advice from Joe Robinson on this during my boxing training – “Well, don’t move your shoulder like ‘that’ then!”– a great piece of advice that worked wonders.

However, realised that doing my version of the crawl does move my shoulder like ‘that’ and is beginning to make it rather painful. Turns out I have a dodgy cuff rotator. I quite like the idea of having a shoulder that works in the future so have decided I am only going to swim breaststroke now.

The only slight downside is that if I am not fast enough, when we get close to France, the tide turns and I end up going backwards which isn’t ideal. So now the focus is on perfecting breaststroke as fast as possible. Does feel as though the last couple of months training have been a waste as I have been so focused on learning the crawl. I haven’t even tried to see if I can go more than 25 metres underwater in case I have to swim under some big ships that get in the way.

Also still need to practice swimming in cold water more and as I live by Leeds Dock would seem obvious to take a dip in there. Although apparently no one has ever seen anyone who has actually swam in there, well and lived to tell the tale anyway. So anyone fancy joining me for a quick dip in Leeds this week? The only thing that can go wrong, apart of course from drowning and hypothermia is catching Weill’s disease which can lead to getting your legs amputated…