19th January 2018

3 jan first





So, been thinking of a fun little adventure for this year. What with all the rumours of global warming, we thought now would be a good time to try and sail to the North Pole. Presumably most of the ice melts there during summer nowadays, so can’t be that hard.

However, as Michelle and I don’t actually have a yacht or a clue what we are talking about, we decided it might be best to find someone who had both. So, obviously we applied to the World Arctic Fund to volunteer on a scientific research expedition, going to look for an airship that crashed on its way back from the North Pole 90 years ago.

On the 30 page application form, we were expected to rate our proficiency in each of 35 different skill sets ranging from welding to are you experienced in landing a helicopter on a moving boat? My main skill is imitating steering a boat whilst I have actually got the auto pilot secretly switched on. Unfortunately, they didn’t have a box for that.

The only question I actually excelled at on the list was holding my breath and swimming underwater. Which is now rather concerning bearing in mind we are going to be sailing in the Arctic Ocean where I imagine the sea is rather chilly.

We are still not sure why we got picked out of 500 applicants to be part of the crew of 30. Obviously, mentioning me expert blogging skills must have swung it.

We will be taking a yacht and an icebreaker on the expedition. Presumably the icebreaker will be the Arctic Oceans equivalent of a snow plough for the yacht. As well as making sure we don’t run out of ice for the G & T’s.

We have been telling everyone that we are going to sail to the North Pole but after actually reading the briefing document properly, it doesn’t actually say anything about going to the North Pole. With such an eye for detail what could possibly go wrong…