19th July 2016

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Rather surprisingly we are still alive and nothing major seems to have gone wrong yet, which is actually slightly concerning.

We tried putting some belly pork, wrapped in tin foil on the engine to slow cook as we drove down from York to Goodwood. Occasionally we hit a top speed of 70 mph when the wind was behind us on a downhill section.

Unfortunately with our roof top ‘flying seat’ and jerry cans sticking out either side of the car we don’t quite mirror the aerodynamic lines of a Ferrari. Although I reckon we get a lot more smiles and waves off people than if we were in a Ferrari. Anyway, our cooking skills are going to need some refinement as the belly pork was still raw in places after the 6 hour drive.

Goodwood racetrack was the official start line so quite an interesting sight with over 300 cars attempting the rally with us. There is no set route though, just the start line at Goodwood and a finish line in Siberia so will be interesting to see how many other cars we meet up with along our route.

The rally started on the grid of the Goodwood racetrack with a circuit of the track. Apparently it’s considered a little dangerous to drive around the race track with people just sitting on the roof of a car. Therefore it was very lucky that we had invested so much time into ensuring the safety of our rooftop ‘flying seat’

From Goodwood we hit Dover for the Euro tunnel to France and have since been racing at a snail’s pace across France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany and Poland. The German autobahns with no speed limits love us being in the fast lane and amazingly we have only been stopped by the police once so far.

We are driving in a convoy of the 3 Micras doing 12 hours a day driving, currently in Poland and hopefully will make it to Riga in Latvia tonight.

Realised we had dropped back into standard banger behaviour when James Waggott
needed to have a wee whilst we were stuck in slow moving traffic on the motorway. There was an empty water bottle to hand, and luckily for him, his co-driver was there to shout and point out to the cars around us exactly what was happening.

Oh, and I actually checked the oil in the car for the first time today and it’s definitely got some in it