1st August 2017

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So, the planning for the post Brexit ‘Europe, we still love you!’ banger rally in black London taxis strangely appears to be coming along well, for our normal standards anyway.

To date we have a fleet of two taxis! With the simple instructions of buying a black London taxis obviously our crack team of expert motor dealers have gone and bought a silver one. Nothing a bit of dulux cannot sort out.

I have also bought a drone to get some cool aerial shots of the fleet of four black and one silver taxi winding their way through the Alps. If we go through the Alps that is, the route obviously hasn’t been worked out yet other than a race around the Nurburgring.

Spent an hour yesterday trying to learn to fly the drone. Realised shortly afterwards that you have to press the record button if you want it to record anything. Still not crashed it yet, although I have a strange feeling that it’s just a matter of time.

Having a beer with a media student this afternoon to potentially come along as cameraman to record the trip. Let me know if you fancy joining us too.

The idea is to raise money, initially for Rotary which will then distribute 50% of it to the fantastic UK charity AIM Education, who we did the Mongol rally last year to support. The other 50% will be distributed to local charities along the route to Greece by local rotary clubs.

We hope to use these clubs to help us organise pop up bars in iconic locations to give out the quintessential English tipple – G&T’s. A nice way of showing English hospitality and telling everyone we still love them.

That’s the plan anyway – just need a gin sponsor now, anyone know anyone?