20th July 2017

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So, a quick update on the “Europe, we still love you rally” in knackered old black London taxis.

Gnarly old mechanics who are too old school to use Facebook are current sourcing the cars for us. Obviously being veteran used car dealers the price has already gone up 50%. However the upside is we will have someone to blame when the cars break down on the first day, as they are coming with us.

This happened in India on a previous rally with them. A car the three of them inspected, with over 100 years of mechanical experience between them, broke down the day after they bought it. So obviously nothing to worry about on that front.

We are after sponsorship from a couple of classical English brands, something like Yorkshire tea or a maybe a London gin company. With the idea being we that we will do pop up bars/tea parties across Europe. Any ideas or useful connections anyone might have would be gratefully received.

We will try and coordinate these with local Rotary clubs across Europe to arrange at iconic locations. We will be looking to raise money for Rotary – 50% of which will then go to my rotary clubs charity of the year, AIM Education and the other 50% distributed to the local rotary clubs who organise the parties.

They will then pass it to a local charity they support. Hopefully with the ability for us to visit each charity that will be supported. It’s entirely non-political, just making the most of easy travel through some great places in a fun and worthwhile way.

We are looking for someone useful with a video camera to film it and are also getting a drone so there should be some good footage. Any suggestions on where we can find someone would be really useful…

We are looking to set off on the 7th September from a London Venue and head to Greece over 3 weeks. If any of the cars are still going why not come and join us in Greece for the rally for a few days.

What could possibly go wrong…