27th February 2016

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So, going to try and increase the current swimming training to double what I have done to date. There are 107 days left to the swim. There have been 57 days since of one my more rash new year’s resolutions to swim the English Channel. So far I have been swimming once.

Obviously though I am taking the training very seriously. My biggest fear is actually surviving in the cold water. Therefore managing to force feed myself beer, pizza and kebabs at a rather impressive rate to build on my insulation.

I don’t like the cold, I always wear a fleece around your house because I think it’s too cold. I jest that I am a soft southerner and when it comes to the cold I definitely am.

So in a weeks time I am off to stay with Tina Kostrzewa by the lovely North Sea. My plan is to swim in the sea as often and as long as possible. Currently the sea temperature is 8 degrees and we are expecting the temperature on the channel swim to be 15 degrees, which is still considered cold.

Apparently degrees can be quite important when immersing yourself in cold water for long periods of time. Obviously there is the risk of hypothermia if I stay in a little too long first time. Any bets on how long I last my first go and how many times I actually go back in the sea in 5 days?

Obviously I am not going to be stupid about this, so going to invest in one of them rather silly looking towel poncho thingy’s proper swimmers get. Will also try and persuade my Dad to be my lifeguard again on the beach. The sea is very shallow. I have to go so far out for it to be deep enough to swim, he cannot actually see me…Oh well, what could possibly go wrong.