28th July 2016

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Travel is a great way to broaden the mind. Spending time interacting with locals, seeing some amazing places, getting to understand different cultures etc. And to do that in the homelands of Borat; in countries like Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Georgia would be an amazing experience.

So, we aren’t doing that. We are just racing as fast as possible from hotel to hotel across Russia. Last night was the first time in 10 days we actually went out to a bar, which I am pretty sure is some sort of record for me.

Famous Russian landscape paintings are few and far between for good reason. Not once in 10 days has anyone yet commentated ‘What a lovely view’ As James Waggott excitedly pointed out – ’Look a hill, I am genuinely excited by seeing a hill’ which also means that we are coming up to the Ural mountain range in Western Siberia.It will be interesting the see the blistering performance of a one litre Micra racing up a mountain range with four blokes in it, towing a trailer.

Today, was one of the highlights of the trip though. After blazing across six time zones at an average speed of 36 mph. We have finally done it! It’s been like a quest for the Holy Grail across oceans of tarmac. But eventually we found it – the best motorway service station in Russia! Well, it wasn’t actually the best but it did have the best additional facility at a service station – an inspection ramp!

Unfortunately, very easy to drive up but not so easy to drive down again as Ashley Scott rather embarrassingly proved by getting stuck half way down. The bottom of the car got caught on the ramp and we all had to get out and rock it free. Might have been a good idea if Ash had actually been in the car when it became unstuck to steer it back down…

So if the plan works, we will be in Mongolia tomorrow, where fingers crossed the fun will really start.