31st October 2015

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This maybe a very stupid decision…

The training is stepping up now and starting proper sparring, strangely how much more difficult it is do anything when someone is punching you repeatedly in the face. Just had to do a round where I wasn’t allowed to punch back, i just had to get hit the whole round. No cracked nose yet but some very sore ribs.

All fighters are being encouraged to get a sponsor to put their logo on the vest they are fighting in. All money goes to Cancer Research.

So the stupid bit, I was thinking of auctioning off the spot on my vest to the highest bidder who can choose what they want to go on the vest – logo, wording, photo, whatever – your choice…

Also any suggestions for name and walk out music appreciated. Current favourite is Dave ’Bitch Slapper’ Price walking out to Smack my Bitch up by Prodigy.