3rd July 2016

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So with less than two weeks to go I decided I should start to get involved in the thing James Waggott, William Benjamin Shaw, Ashley Scott, Jennifer Chow Scott, John Eddy have been putting so much time and prepartion into over the last few months – the 10,000 km Mongol Rally http://www.theadventurists.com/mongol-rally/

We are doing this to raise money for some great charities and will also be delivering school supplies to remote villages along the way.
We have 3 matching Nissan Micras – red, white (well silver really but nothing a tin of dulux couldn’t sort out) and blue. Due to an interesting mix of wine, too much time and engineers, the cars have been ludicrously over engineered from double sump guards to roof top seating. A bar complete with optics and a projector system to watch movies on a 10ft screen in the Gobi desert etc. etc. It’s a shame then to have to get them shipped and crushed after the rally.

Therefore we obviously decided driving them 10,000 Kms wasn’t enough – we need to drive them back again too. Unfortunately though only two of us can afford the time to do this. Therefore wondered if you knew anyone who might want to come join us for just a week or all of the trip back in August. Please do share this post with anyone you think might be interested.

Also, after a small lake of wine was imbibed the thought cross