3rd June 2016

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So, time is getting close – 10 days till our first potential slot could come up for the English Channel swim! Had our last group meet up and swim before Dover with the rest of the Coast Busters team.

We were over at Colwyn Bay for a proper sea swim rather than wussy lakes with no waves, seawater or jelly fish. Although a couple of the others were stung, I have still never been kissed by a jelly fish – their stings do look suspiciously like love bites. Unfortunately, this means my anticipation and fear of how much they do actually hurt is currently through the roof.

We wanted to see how we handle doing a swim, getting out with no hot shower to warm up and then getting back in the sea again. Nearly an hour after my first swim it was time to go back in again, although I was still shaking and trying to warm up after the first dip. I have distant fond memories when I looked forward to going swimming. Those memories are fading.

One of the fantastic charities I am looking to raise money for via Rotary is AIM education. It works with 11-16 year kids who are struggling to engage with school life and Carl Harrison and the team offer a fantastic alternative programme for them.

This really resonates with me as I have worked with kids like this a few years further down the line on the NEET register and really feel some of them wouldn’t be where they were if a program like Carls had been available to them.

If you want to find out more about www.aimeducation.co.uk Carl is coming to talk at my Rotary club this Wednesday 8th June at 7.30 AM at the Park Plaza in Leeds – all welcome and it’s a free breakfast too!

It would be great if you could help me support them here – https://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/coastbusters will also mean there is absolutely no way I can back out when I come across a shoal of jelly fish in the Channel.