3rd November 2015

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I am not sure if everyone is just really nice or if I have an evil streak but I am very relived at the final outcome for the auction…

Walk out music is ‘Mama said knock you’ out by LL Cool J. It’s perfect walk out music so many thanks to Hannah Dobson for bidding £70 for that.

Name is going to be David ‘The Rotary Rottweiler’ Price – again could have been a lot, lot worse so thank you Kim Rebecchi for bidding £60 for that.

The dashing good looking James Waggott won the Logo on vest at £50 and I am sure he will come up with something similarly in keeping with the others. Jimmy, I do need it tonight though…

If the winning bidders could donate to cancer research here that would be great – https://www.justgiving.com/David-Price-boxing/

Thank you to everyone again for all your support.