5th September 2017

5th September

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Work on the taxis is going well, two of them have actually got MOT’s although to be fair the mechanics have been working on much more important things. Like welding a barbecue onto a boot, christening it a taxi-que.  With only 2 days to go is good to see that they have got their priorities right.

The leaving party from London is this Thursday at 5.30. Come and join us for a drink at http://www.mercatometropolitano.co.uk/  to see the other ludicrous alterations to the taxis, apparently one is now a camper van. They will be painted in blackboard paint so they are a huge blank canvas waiting to me decorated in chalk. So help us decorate them and www.jimandtonic.com will very generously supply the alcohol to get your creative juices flowing.

The party is beginning supported by http://www.westminsterinternationalrc.uk/ Rotary club who will be fundraising for a fantastic local charity – http://www.pimlicopuffins.org.uk . A voluntary organisation that helps people with disabilities to learn to swim, or improve their swimming and to have fun and gain confidence in the water and in life. Perhaps stupidly, we will be allowing people there to name and write on the cars for charity. Think we might even have organised a live band for it, although, obviously not sure on that yet.

A rough route has been planned based on “that’s an interesting name” and avoiding proper roads as much as possible. The only ‘definites’ are Budapest around the 15th September for a “We made it sort of half way party” and fingers crossed a week later a “we made it party’” somewhere in Greece.

Normally you would expect these to be all arranged by now. But, the odds aren’t in our favour in making it to Dover let alone Budapest. The fleet of four taxis have between them have clocked up over a million miles. The first challenge will be getting them to the London Party, without the barbeque falling off.

A couple of hours before the party we get to meet for the first time our cameraman Sam who is coming along to film the whole thing which will be turned into a  42 minute documentary, not 40 or 45minutes but 42. Not sure if he totally realises what he has let himself in for, with our obvious meticulous forward planning.

You can follow the adventure as it unfolds via my blog – www.davidbartonprice.com along with all the tears, tantrums and car crashes that won’t make it into a BBC documentary. Because there might, accidentally, be a logo of some very nice people who are giving us a shed load of top quality gin to lubricate the relationships of our European cousins with in the background.