6th August 2016

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When it comes to off road performance and handling, the similarities between a Micra and a Land Rover, are that you can get both of them in a pretty blue colour.

Although, after pushing them up a few hills. A number of welding stops here and there. Changing the odd radiator in a sandstorm in the Gobi desert. Both cars getting stuck in the sand in the desert. The Micras have handled all the off road we have given them. And Mongolia is just amazing, lovely people and stunning scenery
One of the objectives of the rally was to do some good while we are here and deliver school supplies to some of the really remote schools. We had a meeting with the Peace Corps who agreed it was a fabulous idea too, however there was one small problem – it’s the school holidays and all schools are closed. Damn.
After this rather embarrassing cock up, we decided it’s even more important than ever for us to raise as much money as possible for the charities we are supporting. Therefore, we have decided to throw caution to the wind and ask you to sponsor us to do something funny in Mongolia. The funnier or more embarrassing and the bigger the donation, the better.
It could be a certain photo you are after, maybe of Nicola Eddy driving naked. Or a food you want James Waggott to eat. Perhaps a video of Ashley Scottvandalising his beloved silver Micra. Jennifer Chow Scott, who only ever travels first class with Ash, having to spend an hour in the boys blue hovel. I am sure William Benjamin Shaw would look even more handsome with a shaved head. I could pick a fight with a camel. Or anything else you can think of, the funnier the better.
So, let’s see if this is our stupidest post ever. We want to raise another £1,000 so, even if you don’t want us to do anything stupid it would be great if you sponsor us here – https://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/themongolistas
So please do come up with some fun ideas, it will give us something to do between the 12 hours a day of driving we are doing