6th November 2015

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So, after the worst battering i have had in my life last night and feeling pretty sorry for myself with some very sore ribs I had a training session booked in this afternoon with my boxing trainer James Walker.

I was in two minds whether i should go or just chill for a few days. Decided I would go and tell him what happened and follow his advice, assuming I liked it of course and hoping it would be ‘relax and chill, go for a few beers, take a couple of days off training and let’s start again on Monday’

Interesting how words of wisdom like “once bitten, twice shy’” and “get straight back on the horse that threw you “completely contradict each other…

So less than 24 hours after my beating I ended up back in the ring doing half an hour light padwork (no sparring :)), he convinced me that feeling sorry for myself is completely normal after getting a battering. Also explained that the shaking afterwards is purely down to adrenalin.

Ended up walking out the gym with a smile on my face – very different to when i walked in. He was probably giggling like a school girl after i left thinking what a twat I was…

Found out that I put myself in the 80-90 Kilo weight category last night where in fact I am 79 kilos so could have potentially ended up fighting someone three stone lighter than i did! Stupid is as stupid does.

The official weigh in is in Leeds this Monday at 7.30 at a bar just opposite Mojo’s on Merrion St – let me know if you fancy coming along for a laugh and a beer.

Thanks to everyone for their encouragement, support and piss taking…