7th November 2015

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Boxing training again last night – seems to be taking over my life at the moment. Then again I am following the view that the more training I do the more likely i will be to have a life still at the end of this. I am quite looking forward to the fact in 9 days time i won’t be punched repeatedly in the face every day. Interesting what some people look forward to.

Was a light sparring session as still very hurty ribs. Surprising how difficult it is to breath properly with battered ribs and I have always liked being able to breathe. Cannot believe after all the pain from Wednesday night with hardly any visible marks l now get a black eye. No sure that I should be happy or disappointed that it’s quite a pathetic black eye too. Not a proper black eye at all, barely a quarter of a black eye…

Oh, well off for another sparring session this morning to see if someone else can colour it in a bit more for me.