7th October 2015

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The cost of getting my teeth knocked out…

So, wise advice is to consider getting a proper fitted gum shield made by a dentist to minimise the chance of losing any teeth compared to using a £1.99 one for the fight.

Happened to see my dentist today and cost of a custom made gum shield is £68. If I do loose a tooth, cost of bridge work would likely be £600 – £900 so let’s say £750 average.

Don’t know how common loosing teeth in a white collar boxing fight is although have found out that 20% of fights don’t “go the distance” i.e. a knockout.

So if I assume less than 25% of people who get knocked out loose their teeth that makes the chance of losing my teeth less than 5%. The cost of the gum shield compared to bridge work is 9%. Therefore, obviously not worth getting a proper gum shield.

So glad I used to work in insurance…