8th June 2016

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Off to Dover on Saturday to wait for the phone call that the weather is good and our slot has come up to attempt to swim the English Channel. Apparently, I have to try and squeeze in a night swim in the sea beforehand so I am comfortable swimming in the pitch black, lovely. Then again, I might just try putting black paint over my goggles and doing the swim in a nice warm pool instead.

At my Rotary club this morning we had a presentation from Carl Harrison at www.aimeducation.co.uk – the charity I am doing the swim to raise money for. They work with kids being excluded from school and offer an alternative education provision. It’s going to be our Rotary charity of the year.

He told the story of ‘John’ a lovely, bright but slightly geeky kid– remember Will from the first episode of The Inbetweeners? However, constant bullying pushed ‘John’ into a bad decision – pulling a knife on his tormentors at school. He was instantly excluded bearing in mind this was the same time as the Ann Maguire case. So what happens to ‘John’ now?

This is where AIM Education step in to keep him engaged in the school curriculum. Otherwise just imagine the long term trajectory of ‘Johns’ life through that bad decision – missing out the last years of school, no qualifications, huge issue getting a job and the knock effects that would bring.

For the team working at AIM, a bad Monday morning at the office starts with getting head butted in the face by one of your pupils.

It would be great if you could help me support them by sponsoring me for the swim here – https://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/coastbusters

I am going to be doing a tour of other Rotary clubs telling the story of the swim and to raise money for AIM. If all goes to plan the title will be “Swimming the English Channel the easy way” If things don’t go to plan it might be renamed “How to cover yourself in jelly fish stings whilst suffering from hypothermia for a good cause”