8th September 2017

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I think I underestimated ‘low mileage’ on the cab The Mechanics had sourced for Michelle and I – personally I thought 731,000 miles would be high mileage but apparently not. Good job we are leaving all things car-like in their hands.

A fantastic evening last night at the leaving party at Mercato Metropolitano. A huge thanks to Jim and Tonic for arranging the whole thing as well as supplying us with free G&T’s all night AND arranging the fabulous wild tonics to add some music and glamour. Also big  thanks to his gin suppliers Slingsby, Tarquin’s Gin from Southwestern Distillery, Pinkster, Bobby’s Dry Gin,  Deaths Door Spirits, Alkkemist Gin, Martin Miller’s Gin, Brecon Botanicals Gin and Bulldog Gin as well as  Double Dutch Drinks and Fever Tree Tonic for sending us on our way with a supply of amazing G&T’s to spread British hospitality across Europe.

Big thanks also to Beth from arts for life project for helping and encouraging everyone to chalk their good luck messages and drawings on to the cars that are in fact now huge blackboards. Of course with the lovely summer English weather it’s debatable whether or not the messages will last all the way to Athens.

The fundraising for the Pimlico Puffins supported by Nadine from Westminster Rotary was going slow until we put it into the hands of The Mechanics. After a few gins they adopted the strategy of “let’s go and talk to people”. I’m fairly convinced that people only donated money to make them stop talking to them, but, never the less their strategy worked wonders and raised over £100. The gin and charity combination has started well.

Slightly hungover this morning, with just four stops to look under bonnets, we made it all the way to Dover before one of the team realised they had lost their passport. A few phone calls and £100 later a courier was en route from this morning’s London pub to Dover. So basically all going to plan.

Our cameraman Sam Robinson has been filming all the shenanigans and as soon as he gets a chance to edit it and we will be adding to our blog where you can sign up and follow the progress to date and get the latest video clips.

And last ,but not least big thanks to everyone else who turned up on the night especially Alex, Craig Clark, Johanna Buremo, Susie lica and Jo Cave to make it such a memorable send off – please do feel free to share!