9th June 2016

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So, just booked my train ticket for Saturday morning Dover bound. We have slot no. 3 booked on the boat between Monday 13th June and 20th we would therefore expect to be swimming on the Wednesday. If the first or second team in line cannot swim for whatever reason we might swim earlier in the week or could get pushed back later in the week if there is bad weather.

Then it was like being punched in the chest and knocking all the wind out of you. Just got the message that there is potentially a really good weather opportunity opening this Saturday for a 2.30 am start for the actual attempt at the Channel. Everything suddenly is feeling very, very real.

As our slot was only going be from the 13th it came as a bit of a surprise for it to be brought forward to the 11th. We haven’t even got any accommodation booked down there till the 12th. All the prep that I always leave to the last minute would need to be done super-duper-scary last minute. Still haven’t done a night swim yet, something we were planning whilst waiting in Dover. Still I suppose that’s channel swimming for you and you don’t say no to good weather.

The next few hours are quite nerve wracking as we are trying to get hold of the rest of the team to make sure they can rearrange everything and make it. Then we will get the call tonight if we are definitely on and we could be starting swimming in less than 36 hours, or no, we aren’t on, as the other team has taken the slot and we are back to plan A.

One of the key reasons to get involved in this whole, now very terrifying process was to raise as much money as possible for a fantastic charity – AIM Education. Would be great if you have enjoyed the following the story unfold you could sponsor me here – https://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/coastbusters

It would put a huge smile on my face and may even help reduce the current stress levels. Will keep you updated with progress if I can still type with my nails chewed off.