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Artwork Deep

Have you ever looked at some modern art and thought ‘I could do that’ Yep, me too so that’s what I did. My first piece was a 4 ft. square white canvas, with two glasses of port thrown at it. Rather bizarrely, if people didn’t realise I had done it they loved it!

With no art background and not being able to draw or paint ‘things’ over the last 15years I naturally developed a style that it turns out is called “Abstract Expressionism”  I am heavily influenced by Jackson Pollock so it could also easily be described as splashing some paint on a canvas whilst drinking wine.

However, people seem to like the results and to date I have had five of my own successful private exhibitions. One of my pieces even got through to the final round of judging for the Royal Academy’s summer exhibition. One of the oldest and most prestige’s art exhibitions in the world.

Most of my paintings are inspired by my love of the sea and perhaps lucky, or maybe because of it, my favourite colour is blue. Although I am happy to do private commissions using colours to suit your décor.