To even call myself an ‘Adventurer’ sounds as though I am taking the mickey – I am definitely no Bear Grylls. At 17, rather than join the SAS I obviously went for a much more adventurous career in the exciting world of household insurance.

However, after 20 years spending loads of time at the office I came across the quote – “Nobody on their deathbed wished they spent more time in the office” this really resonated with me and slowly started to change everything.

Taking the view that if you have two options in life, always go for the one that will make a better story later…I decided to get some good stories for my deathbed.2005/06 Clipper round the world yacht race

This started with the Clipper Round the world yacht race – with my only sailing experience being a corporate entertaining day on the Solent drinking champagne. I saw it as the world’s longest pub crawl with 150 of your mates, it was.

The next adventure was driving an old banger from England to Timbuktu despite never having ever changed a wheel on a car in my life. I wasn’t even sure where Timbuktu was or if it was indeed a real place, it is.

C5476783-3DB6-4AB4-8115-05E05BE65215The planning process of each adventure normally starts after a large percentage of a vineyard has been imbibed. Culminating in the line that normally results in more discomfort than is ever imagined at the time, ‘Wouldn’t it be cool if…’

Things like doing an Ironman Triathlon, despite not having been on a bike for 30 years and not being able to swim front crawl, or having a go at a boxing fight – – despitIMG_0713(1)e never even watched a fight on TV or even seen all the Rocky Films.

I always tell loads of people my ‘fantastic’ idea which after their laughter has died down they love to point out all the reasons why I won’t be able to do it. Quite often very good reasons too, but by then it’s too late, I have already decided I am going to have a go.

I always approach each adventure with the view to do the absolute minimum amount of training and preparation to just get by. Unfortunately when I start to look into these ‘fantastic’ ideas it slowly starts to dawn on me, my complete and total ignorance of what I am getting myself into. Too late.

Telling people what I am going to do works as a huge motivator for me and makes me accountable. Which is one of the reason why I have started this blog. That, and to show that most things that people think are way out of their grasp often aren’t anywhere near that difficult. Hopefully it might inspire you to push yourself out of your comfort zone enough to do something that you have always wanted to do but felt you couldn’t. One of my mottos in life is to ‘get comfortable, being uncomfortable’ because that’s when amazing things happen…