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The only way to travel in Mongolia…

Posted by David Price on Thursday, 4 August 2016














So, the next little adventure is to drive from one side of the piece of paper to the other. In real terms that’s from Leeds to Outer Mongolia and is about 10,000 km. Oh, and just to make it more comfortable we are doing it in a battered 15 year old Nissan Micra.

Had the first planning session and this is already by far the best planned rally I have done. Quite lucky really as I got slightly confused between miles and kilometres and turns out there is a big difference when there are 10,000 of them.


3jul3rd July 2016: So with less than two weeks to go I decided I should start to get involved in the thing James Waggott, William Benjamin Shaw, Ashley Scott, Jennifer Chow Scott, John Eddy have been putting so much time and prepartion into over the last few months – the 10,000 km Mongol Rally.

We are doing this to raise money for some great charities and will also be delivering school supplies to remote villages along the way.
We have 3 matching Nissan Micras – red, white (well silver really but nothing a tin of dulux couldn’t sort out) and blue… Click here for more!


10jul10th July 2016: So, less than a week to go till the rally to Mongolia and probably, rather stupidly, back again. Unfortunately despite the gorgeously designed racing lines of the Nissan Micra, the cars are looking rather boring. Therefore we desperately need your photographs to put on them to make them look a bit less crap… Click here for more!


14jul14th July 2016: Having done a few rallies with James Waggott it works really well that we each have our specific responsibilities and specialisms between us clearly defined. Probably the most important role is the car, as if we breakdown on a mud track in Mongolia on our own, 100’s of miles from anywhere the consequences could actually be quite crap… Click here for more!

15jul15th July 2016: So, tomorrow we set off to attempt to drive 20,000 KM to Mongolia and rather ambitiously, back again. Every other rally we have done has been in a Mercedes which, surprisingly, are rather comfortable for long journeys. This is in a tiny Nissan Micra and the longest rally we have every planned – about 3 times further than Timbuktu, but within the same time period… Click here for more!

19jul19th July 2016: Rather surprisingly we are still alive and nothing major seems to have gone wrong yet, which is actually slightly concerning.

We tried putting some belly pork, wrapped in tin foil on the engine to slow cook as we drove down from York to Goodwood… Click here for more!

19jul219th July 2016: So a relatively short driving day of only 10 hours yesterday, as the great Mongol rally careers across the continent. It actually feels like a gastronomic tour of European motorway service stations so far. We average three service stations a day to keep the levels of excitement and anticipation in check… Click here for more!


20jul20th July 2016: The Russian border- So, you may remember that I wrote that everything was going worryingly smoothly on the rally a couple of days ago. Well, the worrying has now stopped as things have at last started not going smoothly. The six of us arrived at the Russian border with our 3 beloved Nissan Micras… Click here for more!


23jul23rd July 2016: So now we are down to 2 cars and 6 people it was decided that a trailer would be a good idea, especially as beer is heavy and we could be in the Gobi desert for days without a pub. Before we get a trailer we need to get a tow bar fitted to the car. This is where we realised that Russian is quite different to English… Click here for more!


23jul223rd July 2016 (2): So, our survey of Russian motorway service stations continues. We are a few hundred miles east of Moscow. Heading east to another place with a Russian sounding name that I have never heard of before. I think this is going to be the theme a lot over the next few days. Apparently, this one though is Nizhny Novgorod… Click here for more!


24jul24th July 2016: Overtaking lorries, in a one litre Nissan Micra with four blokes in it and a heavy trailer behind it, the size of the car itself, is a skill. A skill we haven’t totally mastered yet, as various screams throughout the day have underlined… Click here for more!


26jul26th July 2016: So, yesterday was another 12 hours of driving east across Russia, just for a change. The afternoon was punctuated by my screaming and swearing. I was attempting to improve my ‘overtaking lorries very slowly on a single carriageway manovere’, whilst even bigger lorries came the other way. As James Waggott asked, rather rhetorically, “Dave, you aren’t actually a very good driver, are you?” … Click here for more!

28jul28th July 2016: Travel is a great way to broaden the mind. Spending time interacting with locals, seeing some amazing places, getting to understand different cultures etc. And to do that in the homelands of Borat; in countries like Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Georgia would be an amazing experience… Click here for more!


1aug1st August 2016: I thought driving a Micra with four blokes in it, towing a trailer was going to be slow. However, driving it over a mountain range takes slow to a new level. It’s not just the gradient, but because the of the height, the air has got much thinner and there isn’t enough oxygen in it for the cars… Click here for more!


6aug6th August 2016: When it comes to off road performance and handling, the similarities between a Micra and a Land Rover, are that you can get both of them in a pretty blue colour… Click here for more!



10aug10th August 2016: So, now we have finished the rally and no longer driving 12 hours a day we can start to focus on the fundraising for the charities we are supporting. This is where you can sponsor us to do something funny for money in Siberia… Click here for more!


12aug12th August 2016: The sponsorship challenges in Siberia continued with Chris Silverwoods idea, “share a bowl of soup with the local police chief in the police station” Where do you even start with a challenge like that? … Click here for more!



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