Black Cab Banger Rally

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We still love Europe and despite last year’s controversial referendum vote we want to reassure the rest of the continent of that.

In typical adventurers fashion we can’t just go around Europe with a bunch of flowers and box of teabags, we have to make things a tad more interesting and fun.

Having driven clapped out bangers to Siberia, across the Sahara and half way around the world we thought we’d stick to the automotive theme, but this time with a typically British feel.

Ergo, we’ve hit on the brain wave of taking a fleet of old black London taxis across Europe stopping en route in as many countries as possible to reassure our continental cousins that we love them and try to persuade them to part with their hard earned for local charities.

What could possibly go wrong?

We’ve been assured that we can get hold of black London cabs for £500.  At that price they might not be quite brand new though.  We are expecting them to have higher mileage than if they had been driven to the moon so their reliability is obviously ensured.

We are looking to leave on the 7th September 2017 with a fleet of half a dozen hackney carriages and do a painfully slow rally to Greece, no doubt nursing constant breakdowns, on completely unsuitable off road tracks and over mountain ranges. Land rovers would be the obvious, but less interesting choice of vehicle for such an expedition, but where would the fun be in that?

Just keep calm and rally on…

20th july20th July: So, a quick update on the “Europe, we still love you rally” in knackered old black London taxis. Gnarly old mechanics who are too old school to use Facebook are current sourcing the cars for us. Obviously being veteran used car dealers the price has already gone up 50%… Click here for more!


Post 21st August: So, the planning for the post Brexit ‘Europe, we still love you!’ banger rally in black London taxis strangely appears to be coming along well, for our normal standards anyway.

To date we have a fleet of two taxis! With the simple instructions of buying a black London taxis obviously our crack team of expert motor dealers have gone and bought a silver one. Nothing a bit of dulux cannot sort out.

I have also bought a drone to get some cool aerial shots of the fleet of four black and one silver taxi winding their way through the Alps. If we go through the Alps that is, the route obviously hasn’t been worked out yet other than a race around the Nurburgring… Click here for more!


5th September5th September: Work on the taxis is going well, two of them have actually got MOT’s although to be fair the mechanics have been working on much more important things. Like welding a barbecue onto a boot, christening it a taxi-que.  With only 2 days to go is good to see that they have got their priorities right…  Click here for more!

8th Sep8th September: I think I underestimated ‘low mileage’ on the cab The Mechanics had sourced for Michelle and I – personally I thought 731,000 miles would be high mileage but apparently not. Good job we are leaving all things car-like in their hands… Click here for more!

10th sep10th September: So, coming off the ferry at Dunkirk our car was like one of the Red Arrows, graciously trailing huge plumes of smoke behind it, so it was easy to follow from miles around. Within half an hour though the car suddenly lost all power and we found ourselves stranded on the hard shoulder of a dual carriageway, at night, in the rain… Click here for more!

14th sep12th September: With the huge array of cultural capitals, world heritage sites and stunning landscapes that Europe has to offer, when asked for their top choice of places to visit, The Mechanics answer was simple – The Nurembergring.

Apparently, one of the most dangerous racetracks in the world… Click here for more!

19th sep19th September: The one and only bird on the rally, the lovely Michelle Brown wrote this one:- It was just another day on the rally with the Mechanics. Early start, breakfast, tinkering under the bonnets, shortly followed by the usual shouts of “Let’s go, let’s go!” Click here for more!


21st sep21st September: So, I have been entrusted in helping The Mechanics fix the cars. My role is to sit in the driver’s seat and watch the dashboard to see if a light comes on. Obviously when technical, mechanical stuff comes up such as turning the key or revving the engine, the Mechanics take over… Click here for more!


28th sep28th September: After 17 days, 16 bottles of gin, 14 countries, 10 drivers, 5 currencies and 2 time zones, rather surprisingly 3 London black taxis made it to Athens! Number of unfriendly locals we met– absolutely zero, including those we didn’t give G&T’s to. Proving, unquestionably what a lovely place Europe is. Click here for more!

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