White Collar Boxing

Being basically lazy at heart, I need some sort of goal to motivate me to get fit, so an obvious challenge is to have a go at boxing. I have therefore entered a white collar boxing fight.

The idea of white collar boxing is that you get 2 months of training at a lovely boxing gym along with a number of other, supposedly, complete novices. Then there will be a big fight at Elland Road in Leeds where I have to attempt to go three rounds in the ring watched by over 1,000 spectators baying for blood…

blog23rd September 2015: Had first training session last night at the Bad Company boxing gym in Harehills. About 70 people there including 10 girls. Apparently though number will diminish over the next 2 months of training as people realise it’s not for them (wise!) or through injury – although funnily enough they didn’t go into details on that point.

Knackering experience especially as I am probably older than most of their dads. Also, if this is the first time some of them have done some boxing then I am Apollo Creed’s twin brother… Click here for more!

blog 29th sep29th September 2015: So, second group training session at the Bad Company boxing gym in Harehills. The number of people turning up has decreased from 70 to about 50, whilst the number of tattoos is increasing as at least 2 guys had new tats still covered in clingfilm; presumably so they would fit in and look good for fight night.. Click here for more!

blog 7th oct7th October 2015: The cost of getting my teeth knocked out.

So, wise advice is to consider getting a proper fitted gum shield made by a dentist to minimise the chance of losing any teeth compared to using a £1.99 one for the fight… Click here for more!


blog 17th oct17th October 2015: Down at my parents and just done a parkrun this morning – 34 seconds faster than my last one and a new personal best! Still need to get faster so I can outrun my opponent on fight night.

Explained about white collar boxing to my mum:-

Mum “What if you have to fight someone who is nasty?”… Click here for more!

blog!30th October 2015: How to lose half a stone in a week.

The weigh in for the fight is on the 9th Nov and will be a big factor in who I am paired to fight. So my thought process is the lighter I am hopefully the smaller & lighter my opponent will be.

Advice on how to lose as much weight as possible in boxing circles

A week before the weigh in start drinking 8-9 litres of water a day… Click here for more!

blog 31th oct31st October 2015: This maybe a very stupid decision.

The training is stepping up now and starting proper sparring, strangely how much more difficult it is do anything when someone is punching you repeatedly in the face. Just had to do a round where I wasn’t allowed to punch back, i just had to get hit the whole round. No cracked nose yet but some very sore ribs… Click here for more!


3rd November 2015: I am not sure if everyone is just really nice or if I have an evil streak but I am very relived at the final outcome for the auction.

Walk out music is ‘Mama said knock you’ out by LL Cool J. It’s perfect walk out music so many thanks to Hannah Dobson for bidding £70 for that… Click here for more!

nov55th November 2015: Just had a first real taste what a boxing fight is like.

The club that is training all of us for our fight put on a special ‘sparring’ evening. Everyone gets to do 3 rounds in the ring watched and cheered on by all the other fighters – probably the closet we will get to the experience the ‘real thing’ before next Sunday… Click here for more!



blog6th November 2015: So, after the worst battering i have had in my life last night and feeling pretty sorry for myself with some very sore ribs I had a training session booked in this afternoon with my boxing trainer James Walker…

I was in two minds whether i should go or just chill for a few days. Decided I would go and tell him what happened and follow his advice, assuming I liked it of course and hoping it would be ‘relax and chill, go for a few beers, take a couple of days off training and let’s start again on Monday’ Click here for more!

nov77th November 2015: Boxing training again last night – seems to be taking over my life at the moment. Then again I am following the view that the more training I do the more likely i will be to have a life still at the end of this. I am quite looking forward to the fact in 9 days time i won’t be punched repeatedly in the face every day. Interesting what some people look forward to… Click here for more!


10th November 2015: Had the ‘weigh in’ for the fight and this is the guy I will be fighting – Ashley ‘The Mauler’ Martin. I think I have about 3 inches on him and he has 21 years on me. I have never studied another man’s arms in a photo so much before… Click here for more!



13th November 2015: Last training session with my personal trainer James Walker yesterday. Only a couple of light pad work rounds so no blood this time, unlike the day before… Click here for more!



14nov14th November 2015: So, tomorrow is fight night – going three rounds in a boxing ring with Ashley ‘The Mauler’ Martin – a fighter 21 years younger than me in front of over 1,000 people baying for blood at Eland Road.

Three months ago I had never even watched a boxing match on telly let alone been to one… Click here for more!



15th November 2015: So today is the day and I have been contemplating what success looks like for me in respect of tonight’s fight

Whilst the obvious answer is winning, if I look back at why I started this, one of the factors was to get fit, as I cannot be arsed to go to the gym… Click here for more!


16nov16th November 2015: The advice in fighting in a white collar boxing match is always the same: – the other guy will run out arms flailing in the first round so just block his punches, save your strength and let him wear himself out. He will be knackered in the second and third and that’s when you kick his arse… Click here for more!


22nov22nd November 2015: I have been asked a few times if I will be keeping the boxing up. Whilst it has been an amazing journey over the last few months I am not sure if it is me just being a bit girly, but I never got to the point where I really enjoyed people punching me in the face as hard as they could. Call me a wuss, and maybe I just haven’t been punched in the face often enough yet to learn to enjoy it… Click here for more!




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