IMG_484622nd November 2015: I have been asked a few times if I will be keeping the boxing up.






IMG_4844 16th November 2015: I won!






new boxing pic

15th November 2015: So today is the day and I have been contemplating what success looks like for me in respect of tonight’s fight…






before fight

14th November 2015: So, tomorrow is fight night…





in the ring

13th November 2015: Last training session with my personal trainer James Walker yesterday.





Rocky Pic 1

10th November 2015: Had the ‘weigh in’ for the fight and this is the guy I will be fighting – Ashley ‘The Mauler’ Martin.




Rocky Pic 2

7th November 2015: Boxing training again last night – seems to be taking over my life at the moment.





Rocky pic 5

6th November 2015: So, after the worst battering I have had in my life last night…








Rocky Pic 6

5th November 2015: Just had a first real taste what a boxing fight is like…










Rocky 3

3rd November 2015: I am not sure if everyone is just really nice or if I have an evil streak but I am very relived at the final outcome for the auction…




31st October 2015: This maybe a very stupid decision…

30th October 2015: How to lose half a stone in a week…

17th October 2015: Down at my parents and just done a parkrun this morning – 34 seconds faster than my last one and a new personal best!

7th October 2015: The cost of getting my teeth knocked out…

29th September 2015: So, second group training session at the Bad Company boxing gym in Harehills.

23rd September 2015:Had first training session last night at the Bad Company boxing gym in Harehills.

20th September 2015: Being basically lazy at heart, I need some sort of goal to motivate me to get fit, so an obvious challenge is to have a go at boxing.






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