19th July 2016 (2)

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So a relatively short driving day of only 10 hours yesterday, as the great Mongol rally careers across the continent. It actually feels like a gastronomic tour of European motorway service stations so far. We average three service stations a day to keep the levels of excitement and anticipation in check. We try to synchronise petrol tanks and bladders to be empty and full at the same time and although we aren’t quite there yet our synchronisation is improving all the time.

Favourite services so far are probably Lithuania followed by Poland. We are thinking of creating a scrap book of service stations along with a scoring system out of 10 for important aspects such as price of beer, accent of staff, array of sausage rolls etc.

Excitement levels are even higher than normal today though, as we are hoping to cross into Russia. This would mean that the rally will then turn into a tour of Russian motorway service stations. We then might still limit it to three stops a day or maybe throw caution to the wind and go for four service stations in a day.

The cars are bearing up well and although no actual proper collisions yet, littles bumps at traffic lights are increasing in frequency and severity. Red Car even tried to trip us up by throwing banana skins in our path – no match for our formidable two wheel drive though.

Unsurprisingly James Waggott and I are at the back of the convoy as we have no idea where we are going and most of the time even which country we are in. This confusion will hopefully end tomorrow as we will know we be in Russia for a week or two. So that will be nice.

Although we are obviously having the time of our lives, there is a serious side to our service station tour. That is to raise as much money as possible for AIM education a charity that is very close to both our hearts and does fantastic work with kids in the UK. And also Cool Earth, the official rally charity, who are trying to preserve rainforests so our kids kids will still have places to go on adventures in. Therefore would be great if you could help us support them here – https://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/mongolists

Seriously, getting a donation means a lot and is about the one thing that is guaranteed to put a smile on our faces at the moment.