20th July 2016

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So, you may remember that I wrote that everything was going worryingly smoothly on the rally a couple of days ago. Well, the worrying has now stopped as things have at last started not going smoothly.

The six of us arrived at the Russian border with our 3 beloved Nissan Micras. Unfortunately, Ben didn’t have the original Log book for his, only a copy as he was waiting for it back from the DVLA. He had transferred it into my name a couple of weeks earlier so I could drive it back from Mongolia.

Unfortunately, without the original log book, he wasn’t allowed to bring the car into Russia. So the solution was to leave his car at the border, and transfer all their gear between the two remaining Micras.

Luckily for them, the Micras are very spacious. Also luckily, we kept our back seat on the roof which we’ll reinstall for them. Unluckily, despite the enormous boot space in a Micra, we had to choose between leaving behind the camping gear, cooking gear or alcohol. So, obviously all the cooking gear had to go. I am sure I read somewhere that you can survive a month without food and the rally will probably be finished by then anyway.

Therefore we are going to have four big blokes in the blue car. The silver car that was already bottoming out because it had too much weight in it, will have even more weight in it now. Might have been sensible to have three people in each car but the silver Micra had already left its back seats in the UK so they had more storage room.
Obviously two heavily overloaded cars will work great when we get proper off road. Not to mention lovely and cosy with four 6 foot blokes in a Micras. At last, the adventure seems to be starting…