10th March 2016

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As I am still posting blogging it would appear that Childrens BBC TV presenters of the 70’s cannot be totally trusted – especially when it comes to boys in swimming trunks.I am still convinced that Blue Peter told me you could only survive for 8 minutes if you fell into the North Sea. Therefore how come I am still alive after a 10 minute swim this morning in it? Makes you wonder what else Blue Peter lied about, like how they made kidney dialysis machines out of milk bottle tops.

After the first few minutes it’s weird that your whole body gets a burning sensation – very similar to snowball fights with no gloves on and your hands feel as though they are burning rather than cold – although in this case it was my whole body. That’s of course until a few minutes later when you cannot actually feel your fingers and toes anyway.

The worst part is the head freeze though – when I got out my whole head felt very strangely numb. I am sure I could find some illicit drugs that do a similar role without the need of the sea, but where’s the fun in that…

I didn’t actually feel cold when I got out and was weird getting dry as you cannot feel the towel on your skin as the sea temperature numbs everything.

Interestingly that the uncontrollable shaking didn’t kick until I had been out of the water for a few minutes. Calmed down after a very, very long hot shower. Well, I think it was a hot shower but most of the time it was difficult to tell if it was hot or cold.

This weeks training hasn’t just been a quick swim in the sea though. I have been to the pool a few times to do some real swimming and am chuffed with myself that I managed to swim 25 meters underwater. This will prove very useful when I have to swim under any oil tankers that don’t get out of the way. Well, the smaller tankers anyway – will need to improve on this if I am going to be able to swim under the larger tankers.

So tomorrows challenge is to stay in the sea for 15 minutes, protected of course by my family lifeguards. What could possibly go wrong…


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