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One of my great passions in life is to inspire people to lead a more fulfilling life and to achieve some of the things that they really want by stepping outside of their comfort zone.

I give talks throughout the UK and overseas on a range of topics, but primarily focusing on this idea of getting ‘comfortable being uncomfortable’. One such presentation is; ‘Suit to social,’ which reflects on my own personal journey, from a ‘Suit’ in the city of London, chasing money and status, to a millionaire property investor, to eventually losing everything when I went bankrupt. This was a massive turning point in my life and inspired me to become a social entrepreneur by founding Smart Aid, a social enterprise that helps charities become more efficient and effective. I share a few reflections on some of my learnings during this rollercoaster ride about money, time and doing what you love.

My keynote speech is; ‘A few little adventures,’ an amusing set of anecdotes taken from some of the challenges I’ve embarked on. From the time I  nearly fell overboard in the middle of the Atlantic on the clipper round the world yacht race; to the time I came close to getting blown up while driving through a minefield on a banger rally to Timbuktu as well as fighting off hypothermia while swimming the English channel.

All of my adventures focus on getting ‘comfortable being comfortable’ and I hope to inspire people to attempt things in their life that they have perhaps shied away from in the past. All the things you are most proud of achieving in your life, were probably massively uncomfortable for you until you achieved them…

One of my latest adventures, the Black Cab Banger Rally to Greece, was filmed by an apprentice BBC cameraman. A production company is currently editing this footage into a short film that is going to be pitched to the BBC for a series in January. Therefore I am hoping to be speaking at film festivals in the coming months.

So far my audiences have varied from Rotarians attending black tie dinners; to MBA students at the Beautiful University in India; to 15 year old NEET’s (Not in Employment, Education or Training). I am also a mentor and speaker for a Rotary leadership development programme for 16 and 17 year olds who have been picked as having potential to become the next leaders of the future. The nature of the talks make them fascinating and inspiring for all ages and social backgrounds.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss a speaking opportunity.

Thank you for such an amusing and inspiring talk David. You’ve really encouraged me to step outside of my comfort zone and to actually do some of the things that I want to do but keep putting off, because they scare me!! – Michelle

 It was a most excellent talk. Funny, interesting and informative. You were totes amazeballs. We even spoke on the way home about having an adventure of our own once a year. You were so inspirational – Richard

Your presentation was not only interesting and amusing, but also carried a great positive message for all, thanks again – Iain

Awesome speech, keeping everyone including myself entertained throughout! Thank you, not only for the speech but for inspiring me to take on challenges and adventures of my own in the future! – Alex