6th March 2016

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So last weeks swim training consisted of 2 visits to the ‘Masters’ swim class in Leeds at 7am. My first visit was slightly intimidating with around 40 serious swimmers all doing front crawl with one instructor Alan and then me doing breaststroke. Alan told me to have ago at front crawl. After I had managed a length he promptly handed me a float and some fins and had me go right back to basics. Halfway through this session I told him my plan to swim the channel as part of a relay team and he very nearly wet himself laughing.At the beginning of the next training session though he gathered all the swimmers around and told them of my plans to see if anyone else was up for it. Obviously, I thought this made me look pretty cool in front of the crowd of swimming pros.Unfortunately this coolness might have lost a little of its shine when the other swimmers saw me get in the pool and realised I couldn’t actually swim 50 metres non-stop, even with fins on! Strangely, I am still after other swimmers for the team.

We currently have a definite team of three and all agreed last week that if it comes to it we will do it just the three of us. That amount of swimming might kill me though, so I need another plan..


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