26th March 2016

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Thank you, I think, to those of you that have encouraged me to write a blog about “Swimming the English Channel the Easy Way”

Unfortunately English was never my strong point at school and they wouldn’t even let me sit an English ‘O’ Level exam as they thought it would be a waste of money. So with the encouragement this weekend that my writing style is somewhere between a Dilbert cartoon strip and an autistic 9 year old boy I am impressed with my progress.

One piece of advice I keep receiving is to write lots and that’s how you get better, which sort of makes sense. However if I am writing a blog about swimming the channel it’s useful to have some material to write about which normally entails actually going swimming.

Well, to be more specific going to the pool, taking your swimming costume with you and then getting in the pool and actually doing some swimming. Not just simply going to the pool without your costume and coming home again.

Advice today from Steve Wynn is that I should be swimming 10 times a week. Then again, I don’t think I actually do anything ten times a week…

I have got an annoying idea in the back of my mind that this blog could one day turn into the chapter of a book. Loads of people I know seem to be writing books as the moment and I suppose it’s natural to want to keep up with the Jones’s.

Obviously would want to do it the laziest and most efficient way which seems to be doing a blog. Then after a while just doing a bit of copy and pasting and viola a literary masterpiece! How hard could it be…

If you are interested you can see the blog here – https://medium.com/@davidbartonprice If you do like it please do follow it or share it with anyone you think might be interested. This way you won’t have to buy the book – which thinking about it, may not be the best way to become a best seller on Amazon…