4th February 2016


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Had our first meeting and swim with everyone I could find who might be interested in swimming the channel. Obviously meticulously organised and planned by myself, so of course the pool was closed when I told everyone to arrive, no problem we could all meet up and have a chat in the café while we wait for the pool to open. Obviously in the café that was closed too. It was starting well…

Sarah is a swim teacher and it was lovely getting tips from her. Particularly liked the training advice to start taking ice baths to get used to the cold. It seems our biggest challenge is going to be not getting hypothermia. Before we can attempt the crossing we have to complete a 2 hour certified swim in open water to make sure we can survive the cold. Obviously this has to be done before the channel attempt and of course our channel attempt is right at the beginning of the season in June, when the water is at its coldest. So the 2 hour test will be in even colder water. Things were getting better.

A downside to all of this is that after spending the last few years trying to lose that festively plum look, now is the time I have to start to force feed myself beer and burgers to add a little insulation. Sometime big sacrifices have to be made for big challenges.

Whilst doing the Ironman may make me sound super fit I just realised that was 18 months ago and I haven’t been swimming more than half a dozen times since. Luckily the boxing training I was doing focused on 6 minutes of exertion so great training for a hopefully 16 hour crossing. The longest crossing so far is 28 hours and that was without me in the team…

So, in 45 minutes I swam the furthest I have swum front crawl in my life – a total of 8 lengths. It would appear that I have some room to improve as, surprisingly I was the slowest in the team.Just got home and been googling how to get used to swimming in cold water and puzzling enough it said to actually start swimming in cold water. So now thoughts turn to where to go for a quick swim in open water in Yorkshire in February.


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