17th March 2016

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I have done it!!! Ok, so not actually swam the channel yet, but got a fab team together to do it – Kenny, Amy, San, Steve and Abigail. We had our first meet up this week as a team. Going around the table everyone was a very, very accomplished and seasoned swimmer and surprisingly they could all actually swim front crawl too. It might be said by some that I am the weakest link in the team as far as actual swimming is concerned. Which to be fair, is quite a useful skill to have as part of a channel relay team.

I was slightly concerned that after the meeting they all wanted to go for a swim. Strange that, a bunch of keen swimmers wanting to go for a swim when they meet at a swimming pool. I was a little concerned that they might change their minds when they realised I wasn’t joking when I said I am really struggling to swim 50 metres front crawl. Too late now though as we have put the deposit down on the boat.

We are swimming under the official cross channel swim association rules which are rather strict, no wetsuits etc.. One key point is if anyone cannot do their one hour stint and has to get out the water early, the attempt is deemed disqualified and its over for everyone. Therefore ‘potentially’ being the weakest link, its time to up the training to 5 days a week. Much more than I was hoping to put in if I am honest, but probably slowly dawning on me it’s going to be a bit of a challenge – who would have guessed!

We now need a team name – current favourite is ‘Coast Busters’ but would welcome any other suggestions….?

Oh, and it turns out getting into a boiling hot shower after you have spent over half an hour in the North Sea with no wetsuit on isn’t a good idea. Unless of course a heart attack comes under the definition of a good idea. Always best to find these things out afterwards.

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